(English) All you need to know about beautiful and healthy HAIR !

Just the other day I got my hair done, shortening them a little bit and getting bangs. Besides the dressing and make-up, hair is another concern of my day. I want to always have them perfect, healthy and good-looking. And it’s not something, which is to be seen with skepticism, but it should be taken seriously. Take if from this point, what do you think of, when you look at someone whose hair is a mess and not healthy at all?… Right ! That’s what I mean !

For being all charming and attractive, we have to be aware of the fact, that our hair is as delicate and sensitive, as our health is toward what we eat, so be selective and take good care of your food diet.

Make sure you have enough green leafy vegetables, juicy fruits- or even fruits juicies, diary products (milk, yogurt or cheese) and latest I’ve heard, is that coconut is considered to be an excellent “hair food”, so don’t forget about it too.

Besides the eating part, you should also wisely choose your hair products, because they have a good impact too. But I’m sure you already knew it. If you wash your hair 3 times a week, or even more often than that, be sure to use gentle and natural cleaners and conditioners. Herbals are recommended. Don’t also forget to not attact your hair with brushes, because it can damage your hair. Use wooden combs and also let your hair dry naturally, so your avoid causing split ends and and making it brittle.

Too stressy, can aswell be injurious to your hair colour and health, so try to relax and minimize tasks which provide a big amount of pressure. Try to get as much as you can, walkings in nature, meditation hours and also good quality of sleep.

So stick these simple rules to your mind, and make them work. Only then, you will have THE LOOK- beautiful and healthy hair, just like in those posters and commercials you see. Who said, it’s impossible?

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