Venice and the Art of Perfumery

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At first sight the born 1961 Bruno Salomone has that Bohemian flair like the younger bearded men have.

And that soft touch of a dreamer which he is likely to have absorbed while experiencing as product manager at some Italian and European maisons.

It is funny to stare at him while showing his furry creation at his FashionArt Atelier in Savona. Savona, a sea town quite far from the traditional Lombardia, Veneto and Tuscany areas competing against each other for the excellence of fur production. Savona where Bruno’s family manufactures and sells top quality furs since generations.

Buno’s fun.

Bruno Salomone is not too “earnest”. He works at Tivioli’s and Marni’s but his atelier’s wall paper is decorated like Crudelia Demon’s coat.

He is one of the Italian most known expert of fur manufacture and is asked to chair the most glamorous fur contests but he takes pictures of his collection with his smart phone.

He is attempting to make the idea of a fur as “revolutionary” as possible through the use of colors and inlay techniques but he does not let us know that he has deep knowledge of international marketing strategy.

He is not acting as a fashion “re-searcher”. But in France, where Bruno Salomone’s creation are well appreciated, Marion Chopineau creates “fur sculptures” and research upon materials gets richer in amazing techniques that are mostly appreciated by Chinese consumers. And Bruno Salomone is not going to fall behind!

He is funny, and has fun.

Bruno renovates and distinguishes a business and a job which have roots in the Renaissance Suntuarie rules. In Italy, in XV Century the master was not authorized to sew “furred coats” for a customer who was not entitled to.

Cause the problem of the fur manufacture does not lay in the creation of fur items but in the idea to have them mass producted.

A fur coat is a transcendental tribute. It fulfills its daily use by protecting hairless bodies of less benevolent Nature.

Like a mascot.

Like a rosary.

Like a piece of art.

So in Bruno Salomone’s gallery come back those parkas come out the Fifties and Modernism or  2Thousand and Kate Moss’ portraits but brought back to the native Russian Nenets language, because parka means “made of fur” and Bruno Salomone’s parkas are lined with colored fox and have water repellent outer coverings scattered with embroidered butterflies alike the inner fox lining’s color.

And boleros and hoods of Canadian sable that Audrey Hepburn would have worn at Rome.

And pastel garlands of inlayed mink , blossomed upon tender white minks as light and soft as candy.

And black mink coats with large white bubbles that raise you above the city dark blacktop.

And red, blu, yellow bikers which look like painted by Norway children.

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