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Burbery, Burbery, Burbery. The top brands distribution operators are calling for Burbery. The British fashion icon, born in 1856, entered in the global imagination. The British Empire Cultural Heritage linked the sense of belonging to an elitist and conservative sense of identity to tartan and trench. Behind the windows of Astana skyscraper, as in the lifts of Raffles or in the humidity of Macau, tartan and trench are LUXURY.

It seems there is enough for all.

Meanwhile, Italians are fighting for Made in Italy, British people are enjoying the return of the manufacturing production of textile fashion. In 2013there were about 5thousand new jobs in the fashion sector and future is smiling to modellers: in 2020 there will be 20thousand new jobs.

In the studio “The Repatriation of UK textiles Manufacture”, the Lord Alliance Foundation presented these esteems to the British Parliament which identified the geographical localization: Lancashire and West Yorkshire, two areas that are still now suffering for the mines’ closure.

Every year the country earns £9billions through the fashion sector, which also creates 100thousand work places and exports £5,5billion (according to data of 2013).

Why the production returns to the United Kingdom? According to the studio, there are two main reasons: (both physical and virtual) sector distribution is working for an effective and efficient sales’ campaign of 100% Made in UK products; the change of mind of the English costumers who prefer 100% Made in UK products.

Paul Short, president of the action group N Brown, declared that:

“The N Brown national program for the growth of the textile sector started only 12 months ago in the north of the UK, but it has already generated more than 1.600 work places. We would like to thank the Government and all our partners for helping us to improve the investments in the textile industry in the UK. Our efforts linked together show that retailers, working with the local and national authority, are able to create a real economic impact”.

(translated by Eleonora Pasini)

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Between the news of Haute Couture Paris, you can find the Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko. We are so proud to see she entered in the highest French couturier… we thought… “We told it”… with a smirk.

We are not saying people accepted the Ulyana Sergeenko catwalk with imperishable tribute, on contrary, the English magazines preferred Versace.

We love the Ulyana exuberance, as we like how she created the set of the parade telling the “metamorphosis” of her country looked from the eyes of a dame dispossessed of their ancestral rooms at the time of the Russian revolution.

It seems there is always an aesthetic element in the lines and fantasy of Ulyana Sergeenko that tries “to sew the tear of history and taste”, which 100 years ago separated Russia from Europe.

Her style is characterized by lace resting on dark monastic dresses, great-graphic impact skirts with swollen hips silhouette, soft and enveloping outerwear of fur in infantile colours and contrasting decorations. Fur caps, fur sleeves and little trunk bags with a bow complete this woman who did not choose the European minimalism to express her jocularity.

Ulyana Sergeenko, celebrated also for her international socialite, the philosophy studios and the kilometres of catwalk done, is born in Kazakhstan and established in Moscow her own brand in April 2011.

She made the figure of her brand through her cultural heredity and painted it with childhood memories and the manufacturing tradition of her country. In just few years of experience the company grew from 5 to 100 employees involved in the haute couture.

Do not call it differently from haute couture.. Dita Von Teese, probably using lines not suited to her curvy silhouette, wore a Sergeenko SS15 collection on the red carpet.

(translated by Eleonora Pasini)

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(Italiano) A ‘mmuinna del social blogger

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What is trendy in 2015? The fashion blogger Maria Katia Doria told to herself in a funny spot:

“The evergreen line nay also the flowers and possibly mixed together following the style of Dolce&Gabbana. Pink is always a must, but also Blue Tiffany – it must not be defined green – and also yellow is nice. Pois are back – when have they disappeared boh – the real trend is the one of the 70s with fringes, long skirts and bell-bottoms, see Cocoachella. The bags are little, but do you want the big ones too? White will be the new summer colour, that is not a news. Trench is nice with sandals too – thank you but I don’t think so. Flower circles are always present also during the breakfast. The same is for the wedges, but the trend prefers the lace ones. Sandals with laces up the knee – mortadella effect. Without excluding the with and coloured sneakers.”

We believe the real trend for men, women or agender is vintage. It warms the heart, remembers the period of the carefree confidence in a better future, it tells about the interpreted and threadbare dreams with the protagonist of a general and universal dream: Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Marlon Brando. Vintage is at the base also of the young designers’ creativity, formed by the art of the fist films after the war and through Bernardo Bertolucci o Fellini. Such as Andrea Lazzari author of the Plus Que Ma Vie collections.

According to the statistics of one of the most utilized market place, Vintage seems to enjoy good life and great deals. Fashion changes but our preferences not, those modify around pieces present in out hearts (and in our wardrobe). The data confirms the 46% of the fashion victims love Kelly of Hermes, the 30% remember the Fonzie’s jacket, the 50% of their search for the lived effect of the leather accessories. All those sentimental people buy vintage.

Vintage lovers join the sentimental question to the ecological one: between the leather accessories the 35% of women look for the bag; the favourite models are Kelly by Hermès, Chanel 2.55; Speedy by Vuitton; Jackie-O by Gucci. While the 85% of men want the black jacket (bomber or biker).

Many people also look for the belt, better if it has studs: the 54% of the interviewed people want it with studs.

In the last three months of 2014 in the Italian market place people have published announces for more than 15 thousand bags of which 2.100 sold within 16 days; 28 thousand jackets of which 2.800 sold in 18 days; 6.800 belts of which 620 sold in 20 days.

In 2015 Vintage nostalgia is the winner Nostalgia.

(traslation by Eleonora Pasini)

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